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How to choose a magnetic levitation Bluetooth speaker and determine the quality
2017-07-20 10:19:09
Buy magnetic levitation bluetooth speaker is the way you need, these methods are many friends concluded to retain, we must remember that the price is not the only choice of high quality magnetic levitation Bluetooth speaker absolute standard, although we entered the speaker city, see those Style noble speaker products are unmoved, but remember, expensive may not be suitable for yourself. The following music days with the music angel take you to learn about the purchase of magnetic suspension Bluetooth speaker information and notes.
First, the magnetic suspension Bluetooth speaker sound quality problems
Once, people talked about maglev Bluetooth speakers, it will not expect it to have good sound quality, the reason why it is nothing more than small and portable to buy, easy to connect, outdoor use, can make the phone sound quality better, nothing more. And now the magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers are not as simple and rude as before, the sound quality has gradually become a magnetic levitation Bluetooth speaker manufacturers are very concerned about the issue, like the music angel music angel magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers, through various efforts, the sound quality has been Very good, and received a lot of consumer recognition.
We test magnetic levitation Bluetooth speaker sound quality, to follow the following principles and steps, first listen to the volume of Bluetooth audio to see if there is noise, is easy to break the sound, is distorted, the sound does not feel uncomfortable, and the bass And treble have not reflected and so on. Try to use different songs when trying to listen, and download the best songs with genuine, and now many online music files have been dealt with, and great difference between genuine music, but not when the audition put the volume too much.
Second, the appearance of magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers
Now is not only a star, many products also began to match Yan value, high profile, high value, cost-effective magnetic suspension Bluetooth speaker has also become a goal pursued by many people. When you see a magnetic levitation Bluetooth speaker at first glance, whether love at first sight, whether it is impulsive, but also become a number of consumer purchase guidelines, which have their own pleasing to the needs of use, but also brought out the use of pull the wind cool The existence of that is reasonable, in order to stand out, magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers can not be homogenized, we must innovate and innovate to produce truly impressed consumers products. Whether it is the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped or cylinder shape, whether it is creative Lunar New Year, or cartoon characters, as long as consumers into the French eye, is a good magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers. Material it, there are aluminum, leather, plastic, wood, etc., as the color, choose to look comfortable or your favorite like.
Third, the magnetic Bluetooth speaker bluetooth problem
Since it is called magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers, it is certainly built-in Bluetooth chip, responsible for Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Maybe some friends do not know, although the same is Bluetooth, but different companies, different technology, different versions of the chip will have a different impact on the magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers, music angel remind friends, in the purchase of magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers , Be sure to ask the version number of magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers, the higher the version the better, because it is backward compatible, of course, the price may be slightly more expensive, as different programs companies have a record, Jian-Rong, moments and so on The best thing about this is the UK CSR.
Fourth, the practical issue of magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers
Magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers need not be too complicated, simple control, simple and convenient, simple and practical just fine, in such a small size, the more integrated functions, the more rich the scene for the user. For example, some maglev Bluetooth speakers can not only Bluetooth connection, you can also plug-in play, you can also Line in play, and some maglev Bluetooth speakers can FM radio, you can download songs, you can display lyrics, you can lighting. Of course, the function that is useful to you is what you need most. If it is not useful to you, it becomes a tasteless function, not only to spend more money, but also idle resources. Therefore, the function of magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers is not the better, the key to see what you want.
Five, magnetic levitation Bluetooth speaker performance issues
The performance of each product, and are closely related to the level of configuration, the better the performance, the higher the cost. What is the price of magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers? It is a balanced value, a balance point, a little breakthrough in design, and more refined in workmanship, of course, it is better to combine sound quality, function, appearance, price and other factors.
Music angel music angel believe that with the development of science and technology, the future of magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers will be getting better and better, there will be more high-quality products appear in front of consumers, while bringing us wonderful music, but also to each Personal life more abundance beautiful!