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How to maintain magnetic levitation Bluetooth speaker, maintenance of magnetic l
2017-07-20 10:32:59
Magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers need to be maintained, how to maintain magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers is correct, I believe these questions in addition to professional product manuals, generally no one to talk about this issue, even some of the instructions on magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers, also omit this So, music angel music angel for everyone to popularize this concept, so that we can better and more correct use and maintenance of magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers.
First, stay away from heat and damp areas
Hurry up your magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers away from the sun and all the stoves, heating and other heat radiation devices, do not go to damp places, yes, magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers far less they look so tenacious.
Second, shall not exceed the rated power
Many magnetic levitation Bluetooth speaker parameters you do not understand does not matter, because in addition to specialized digital industry practitioners, I believe that most consumers are a half-hearted, but when in use, you must look at the magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers rated power, Because once used beyond the rated power, it is possible to pull down the sound quality, or even damage the speaker.
Third, on the shell maintenance
No matter what price you buy magnetic levitation bluetooth speaker material, you have to take a moment to wipe regularly, wipe is very simple, use the soft and dry cotton to wipe dust attached to the speaker can.
Fourth, on the speaker's care
This may have to be a little troublesome, have to use a soft brush to remove dust, remember not to use a vacuum cleaner to replace the soft brush, the intensity of the vacuum cleaner will not work.
Fifth, the last is about the placement of magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers
Even if the small size and light weight of magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers, you have to be well-placed on the solid surface, in order to ensure the bass effect. Then remember not to rely too close to the wall.
Science and maintenance of magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers, the amount can extend its life, you want to use magnetic suspension Bluetooth speakers for a long time, you have to understand these methods and tips, do not be some of the maglev Bluetooth speakers so-called "strong" to the confusion, and certainly To cherish it, love it, because it is your music partner, is not it?